JCSI Questionnaire - Job Satisfaction Communication Importance

The purpose of the JCSI Questionnaire is to determine the degree to which nursing and other health care personnel are satisfied or dissatisfied with their job and with the communication and interpersonal relationships existing among peers, supervisors, administrators and others. It also provides information about the degree of importance the personnel attach to these factors, thus identifying and prioritizing areas needing attention. This survey tool provides a data-base for designing workshops and appropriate interventions to resolve issues of concern.

Nursing Communication Observation Tool (NCOT)

The NCOT is designed for a trained observer to collect data about interpersonal communications occurring in small groups. The focus is on data of

  • the message as fact or feeling,

  • conveyed with a humanizing or dehumanizing attitude, and

  • Pattern of interaction.

Spirituality Communication Observation Tool (SCOT)

Survey questionnaire has been developed for RN staff to rate the quality of spiritual care provided and the communication about spiritual care among staff and administrators. Spiritual-communication-satisfaction-importance (SCSI) questionnaire manual. (Battey, 2011). IBSN 978-09831245-0-4 Available from author.