Consultation Services, Support Materials and Computer Assisted Instructional Systems

Professional Fees, Workshops and Consultation Fees


1. To provide an informative, interesting program which will meet the need and/or help solve a concern for client groups or agencies.

2. Target audiences include health care professionals, community service organizations, business and industrial organizations and
special needs groups.

1. Consultation in areas of interpersonal and organizational communication, education, leadership and critical thinking.

2. Education through presentation of workshops and seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of your group or agency.

3. Research in areas of interpersonal and organizational communication to document need and to purpose interventions.

Consulting services include workshops, conferences for college faculty and hospital staff, as well as review and critiques of research projects and surveys, curriculum development, and publications. Independent Study as part of direct faculty/staff on educational tutoring is provided and quoted by project. Research projects and surveys fees are constructed in concert with the nature of each project funding process.

Consulting fees quotes are available on request and are based on length of time and/or type of project.
Support for students or employee/participants include teaching, tutoring and mentoring, plus support of these specific applications:

a) On-line courses in critical thinking, parish nursing, and nursing theories;
b) Writing and critiquing of papers: and
c) Research, theses and dissertations.


For more information, you may contact Dr. Battey
      2921 Bellflower Drive
      Antioch , California 94531
Phone: 925-706-0442
Fax: 925-706-0621

Manuals, Publications & Computer Fee Schedules

1. Permission to use in reseach project the Manual for Job-Communication-Satisfaction-Importance JCSI Questionnaire with 2 copies of Manual (#8 below) @ $100.00.

2. Permission to use in a research project the Manual for Nursing Communication Observation Tool (NCOT) with 2 Books (#7 below) @ $100.00.

3. Recommended training video for NCOT:1 DVD “Wit: It appears to be a matter of life and death” $15.00. Available through

4. Recommended training video for NCOT:1 DVD “The Doctor…He was a doctor who though he knew it all until he became a patient.” $15.00. Available through

5. (2008) Administrator’s guide to implementing spiritual care into nursing practice. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris Corp. IBSN Hardcover 978-1-4415-2892-6 Softcover 978-1-4415-2891-9 $20.00

6. (2009). Theory of spiritual care for nursing practice. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris Corp. IBSN

7. (2009). Humanism, nursing, communication, and holistic care: A position paper. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris Corp. SN Softcover 978-1-4415-3362-3.

8. (2009). Manual for nursing communication observation tool (NCOT): Designed for research and teaching

9. (2010) Manual for job-communication satisfaction- importance (JCSI) questionnaire. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris Corp. TXU 426 203 April 24, 1990. Xlibris 2010 edition: IBSN Softcover 978-1-4500-5462-1; EBook 978-4500-4522-3. $20.00

10. (2010) Spirituality in nursing practice: a computer assisted instructional program and course manual. Available from author. IBSN 978-09831245-0-

11. (2011) Spiritual-communication-satisfaction-importance (SCSI) questionnaire manual. Available from author. IBSN 978-09831245-0-4 $20.00

12. (2012) Implementing Spiritual Care within the Interdisciplinary Clinical Team. DVD Recordings of five keynote lectures on concept, “collaboration,” presented at the Texas Chaplains Workshop, October 22-25 at Hunt, Texas. $150.00.

13. Communication Observation Tool Instruction Manual .  Springfield , Virginia : Duldt & Associates, Inc. © 1986, 1989, 1990, 1997, 2007.   ( 56 pages). Price: $45 each (includes shipping). Bulk rates quoted upon request.

14.  Job Communication-Satisfaction-Importance Instruction Manual .  Springfield, Virginia: Duldt & Associates, Inc. © 1980   Revised 2007 (26 pages). Price: $35 each (includes shipping). Bulk rates quoted upon request.

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Computer Assisted Instructional Systems

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