The following Computer Assisted Instructional tools are available from A.S.K. Data Systems, Inc. []

Anatomy of a Theory

Designed for international health care professionals, this CAI addresses the need for basic understanding of nursing and health related theories, theory construction and application in administration, education and clinical contexts. The CAI program consists of 12 lessons on a Compact Disk, an instructors' guide and a student tutor.

SmartPrim: Critical Thinking

For all levels of nursing and health professionals, this CAI is a set 8 lessons on a Compact Disc, an Instructors Manual and a Student Tutor. Designed to be incorporated into courses and/or classes about theory analysis, research, and clinical or administrative practice as well as to augment individual reasoning, writing, and speaking skills. Argumentation, debate and persuasion stratagies are fundamental in this program.

SmartPrim Faculty/Educator Presentation:
Powerpoint (245k) | web

Developed for workshop presentations, this power point is used along with the participant’s manual, “Be Smart: Reasoning, ‘Riting and Relating” to assist participants in focusing on the core of argumentation, debate, and persuasion. Included are development of position statements, analysis of argument positions and supporting evidence, as well as evaluation criteria and tools for grading students’ oral and written presentations, research, and theses.

Parish Nursing

The Practice of Parish Nursing presents the following aspects is supporting the practice of Parish Nurses: Ecumenism; Holism; Health and Healing; Interpretive Roles in the Healing Ministry; Leadership Within the Parish; Professional Roles; Holistic Healing Ministry; Spiritual Assessment and Intervention; and Change, Communication and Parish Nursing

This system is designed for students in all levels of interest in Parish Nursing, and is appropriate as an university level generic course, independent distance education or continuing education program. This system is also appropriate for in- service and international usage It includes an Instructor Guide, Student Workbook and is on a Compact Disc.

To Preview Parish Nursing, go to and find Parish Nursing in the undergraduate level of the web site.


In the 2005 manual for hospitals, the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JACHO) now includes requirements about spirituality care. The American Nurses' Association (2005) has published similar documents. The NANDA manuals cite spiritual distress as an accepted nursing diagnosis. While spirituality is no stranger to nurses generally, to incorporate a spiritual assessment and history into the usual nursing care plans or matrix may be an uncommon task for many nurses.

The purpose of this computer assisted program (CAI) on Spiritual Assessment is to provide an educational tool to assist nursing staff in meeting the accreditation requirements of the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Health Care Organization. After completing this CAI, Registered Nurse staff, along with other Health Care Providers and Chaplains, will be able to establish an informed forum in which they may develop a plan for the spiritual assessment and care of patients/clients within their specific service, agency, or private practice.

For a complete description of Spirituality, please go to and review our “2016 Spirituality Brochure”.