Lay Chaplain Background and Experience

Bonnie W. Battey, Ph.D., R.N. (aka B.W. Duldt-Battey)

Lay Chaplain

  Volunteer Chaplain in Chaplaincy Program of INOVA Alexandria Hospital, 4320 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Va. 22304.  Spring, 1999 to Spring, 2003.

  Program seeks to provide holistic, interfaith, and multicultural pastoral care 24/7 to meet spiritual needs in illness and crises of patients, family and staff in the Washington DC metropolitan area. (See related article #22, page 7 above, on spiritual care.)

  Grant proposal submitted to ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON Community Health Leadership Program for the Nomination of J Vincent Guss Jr. Director, Pastoral Care, INOVA Alexandria Hospital.  October 4, 2000. Not selected.

 Proposal Submitted to the Pastoral Care Committee, “Expanding Chaplain Ecumenical Services to include Classic Healing Services: The Anointing with Oil, “Laying on of Hands,” and Prayers to be offered in the Chapel for Small Groups And at the Bedside for Individual Patients.” INOVA Alexandria Hospital, 4320 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Va. 22304.  Feb. 2001.  Proposal accepted.

  Practice of healing service initiated in chapel Sunday services by Rev. Venzor, and chaplains Pittman, and Duldt and at bedside by Chaplains Pittman and Duldt, March, 2002.

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